Project Management

Magazine: Concept to Completion


This trade association long ago established itself as a go-to resource for quick updates on industry news. This quarterly magazine invites members to dive more deeply. These stories do not simply inform. They shape conversations.

Electronic Communications

Web Site Writing


The task for this "about us" web page was to convey the character of Aquinas Institute of Theology while also tending to the requisite place-and-purpose information.

Electronic Newsletter

http://www.missourib ... etter.aspx

The Missouri Botanical Garden introduced an electronic newsletter from the president to more deeply engage members with an interest in plant science and conservation. I planned, wrote, and edited the content.


Fundraising Communications

A Call to Corporations

The CityArchRiver campaign was not like most. Corporate contributions rather than individual gifts were its backbone. This piece targets business leaders.


Sustaining Momentum - A Donor Update

Groundbreaking for CityArchRiver was long after the first private donations. This newsletter served to keep the energy level high among donors and show them what they made possible.


Engaging Members, Cultivating Donors

The purpose of this piece is to engage members using what they know - the beauty of the Missouri Botanical Garden - to draw them into a conversation about supporting the organization's less apparent, high-impact plant science work.



Direct Mail Campaign

Membership Acquisition

Among strategies for building membership at the Missouri Botanical Garden was direct mail. We experimented with messages and incentives and found success with this straightforward Top 10 approach.


Strategic Communications

Creating a Message Map

Among my responsibilities at the Missouri Botanical Garden was helping colleagues remain focused on key messages. This document served as an internal, quick-reference tool to assist in that effort.



Script for a Gala

The script for this gala evening had to balance the time and substance of remarks for several high-profile speakers.